City of Brevard Visitor Info

Visitors from around the world come to Brevard for the shops, music, festivals, waterfalls, trails, rivers, quiet forests, and our easy-going small-town charm.

The Land of Waterfalls

There are more than 250 scenic waterfalls in Transylvania County, “Land of the Waterfalls.” Many of the falls are easily accessible to the public because they are located in our three park lands: Pisgah National Forest, DuPont State Recreational Forest, & Gorges State Park.

Spring Valley Farm Dog Care

Looking for a local place for your dogs? Check out Spring Valley Farm Dog Care.

Sycamore Cycles

Awesome bikes. Amazing service. Hassle-free rentals. That’s their story. And they’re sticking to it.

The Hub At Backcountry Outdoors

Bikes, Outdoor Gear, Beer.

Pura Vida Adventures

Rock Climbing, Canyoneering, Hiking, Paddling or Mountain Biking.

Miller’s Land of Waterfall Tours

Join waterfall guide Craig Miller for a tour of some of the most unique waterfalls in Transylvania County, North Carolina and in the surrounding area.

Weather in Brevard, NC

Here’s what the seasons are like

Spring sees the biggest variations in weather. The lows can feel like winter and the highs can feel like summer, and there are plenty of perfect days! Storms are variable and so are trail conditions. There are always good riding spots though, so check out the local weather and trail guides to see what’s good.

Summer usually sees temperatures in the 80s, sometimes hitting 90 or above. Thunderstorms tend to roll through in the afternoons, forming in less than an hour, and clearing out as quickly as they came.

Fall is the season for the colors to change. The views are amazing all year, and they’re even more magnificent in fall. The air starts cooling and you’ll find it perfect for biking. Thunderstorms are still a possibility but dress in layers and you’ll be set.

Winter doesn’t usually bring much snow, but if it does you’ll have a fireplace! Average temperatures are in the mid 40s. The weather can change dramatically from week to week, and any snow left quickly melts away. Check trail warnings and local weather to stay safe!

Average temperatures by month

Brevard has great weather! Whenever you’re near mountains the weather can change a lot between locations. It may be raining at home but the trails are dry. Or maybe the sun is beating down at home, but there is a cool breeze on the trails. It’s hard to predict it exactly, but here’s some frame of reference for temperatures:

Month Temp. (min) Temp. (max) Temp. (avg) Precipitation
January 13°F 72°F 44°F 3.0″
February 16°F 74°F 45°F 2.8″
March 20°F 88°F 53°F 4.2″
April 28°F 92°F 61°F 3.2″
May 43°F 92°F 68°F 3.3″
June 55°F 99°F 77°F 4.5″
July 60°F 106°F 79°F 3.4″
August 64°F 104°F 80°F 3.5″
September 48°F 93°F 73°F 2.0″
October 30°F 88°F 62°F 3.2″
November 22°F 81°F 52°F 2.9″
December 19°F 77°F 45°F 4.8″